About Us

Industry Experts with Innovative Ideas.

Our mission is to provide significant savings to sellers using an alternative approach to the traditional real estate model leveraging technology to streamline the real estate listing, marketing, and closing process - empowering the seller to control the process of selling their home.

iList was formed to provide sellers with sophisticated, low-cost tools and services to help them sell their homes. There have been many advancements in the real estate industry that assist buyers in their search and purchase of real estate. However, sellers still primarily rely on manual agent interaction. iList streamlines the real estate buying and selling experience with industry-leading software that empowers sellers and gives them easy access to the services of licensed real estate agents. Further, iList is a brokerage enhanced by technology. In the same way other industries have been enhanced and adapted through technological improvements (e.g., travel, finances, lodging, etc.), iList is revolutionizing the real estate industry.

The iList Difference

iList is a real estate brokerage with one goal—saving you money while providing excellent service and support in selling or buying your home.

The leadership group behind iList is made up of industry experts in real estate, technology and title/legal services. iList—we are changing the real estate transaction!

iList puts you in control and offers cost savings comparable to FSBO while providing the benefits of working with a full-service brokerage with MLS backing and access to all of the industry-leading listing services. iList gives you the tools to list, market, negotiate and close your home—and help is always just a click away! With a team of experienced real estate professionals, iList is doing to the real estate world what Travelocity, Expedia and others have done to the travel industry and what Scottrade and E*Trade have done for the financial industry!

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